Mineral, Building Materla with  Natural Stone (Starline Buildcon Pvt. Ltd) company provides variety of Mineral Metalic & Non Metalic,and Building Material with  stones and there product as

Building material is any material which is used for construction purposes. Many naturally occurring substances, such as cement,clay, rocks, sand, grits, and wood, even twigs and leaves, have been used to construct building

sslabs, tiles & blocks types to make your dream place wonderful, suppliers and exporters of quality natural stones. From the womb of Mother Earth, the stone is separated, Three of its kind laid the foundation of our fireplace. We carved our gods and castles out of the same stone And made a home for ourselves on its bosom. This website celebrates the multifaceted use and aspects of natural stone, while showcasing its own bounty of stone products.

All types of Mineral and Building Materials as Cement, Sand, Grits,Natural Stones may it be Iron ore, Quarts,feldspar & Marble, Granite, Sandstone and Slate stone, are available in various colors, sizes, thickness and finishes. These Natural Stones viz quartzite & Slate, Marble, Granite, Sandstone and Lime Stone are ideal for Building Construction, Front Elevation, Floorings, Kitchen Tops, Bathroom Tops, Counter Tops, Bench Tops etc.

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About Us

Mineral Center (Starline Buildcon Pvt. Ltd) is a company has set milestone in Minerals & Building material industry. The company has delivered unsurpassed services with quality and excellence from the time of its establishment. Mineral Center is name known for its fabulous styles in slabs and natural stone blocks. The prestigious company also a famous Importer,exporter and supplier of Building Materials as Metallic, Non Metallic and Cement Sand, Grits,Quartzite Stone, Slate Tiles, Granites, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Slate Stone Veneer, Pearl Mosaic & Inlay Art, Rocks and Minerals, Semi Precious Stone etc.  We also provide Air to Water, Fuel Less Machine, and Solar Energy Product etc.  The stones and marbles provided by company are finest in quality and assure magnificent glow and beauty where they are applied whether be in office, hotel, home. Assured quality and robust strength at a very reasonable price list is the identity of such the fine company.
To bring high quality item to our clients, we are well equipped with contemporary techniques and facilities. As well as that to operate these kinds of equipment and then utilize fresh technology, we now have a team of specialists which includes, technical engineers, creative designers, as well as competent workforce. With their skill and years of expertise we can manage to achieve the most excellent luster, standard shape, and sleek edges of each and every stone. Performing all this main objective is to set highest standards in the industry and also to make our clients and consumers assured and confident. Our continuous efforts towards perfection has now bring us to become the most trusted and phenomenal company in the stone industry.

We now have completed a long journey in the field of stone exporting and supplying and have maintained our reputation in the field at a high. That is why for excellent quality stone of any kind you can trust upon us with closed eye.


Why? The simple answer is quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.Innovation. and creativity in creating natural finishes in stone through the latest and best in. technological intervention drives us to excellence in our vast range of products.

In our pursuit to be in the vanguard of ever-changing product demands. internationally, we innovate with the latest technology and maintain superior craftsmanship and consistently deliver an aesthetic that is tailored to each individual client's vision and specifications.

Some of our  important possessions include:
16 multi wire Pedrini Cutting Machine (we are the first in India to cut these huge boulders with such precision)
Pedrini  Polishing Line Machine
Pedrini s Resin Line
Indigenous  gang saws and cutters and hand polishing lines

Our Sister Concerns
1) Gulzar Slate Stone (Mines owner of Silver Grey & Zeera Green)
Address : Kot Ka Kuda, Bhilwara Road Badnore,Bhilwara, Raj.
2) C & N Enterprises (Processor of natural stones)
Address : Dhabadeh,Kota, (Rajasthan) 304804

3) Starline Buildcon Pvt Ltd
Address:-Sanjay &  Tejdeep Factories Near SSN College,Ongole India.

4) Sonalika Mines & Processore Plant
Address:- R.K.Puram , Luhari Kalan, Near Deoli, Rajsthan,
5. R K S Granite,
No.14P,Thandya Industrial Area, Nanjanguda,Mysore-570001

6.Hariom Granite

Industriel  Area Karimnagar,Telangana Indai


Available Stocks

Available Mineral, Building material for Sales (as on 11-06-2018)

Sl. No. Slate Stone Variety Slabs (Qty in Square Meter) Tiles (Qty in Squre Meter) Blocks (Qty in CBM)
1. Deoli Green 2500 4100 150
2. Silver Gray 4300 3500 280
3. Zeera Green 1200 1600 60
4. Copper 2100 2400 90
5. Silver Shine 1400 1800 50
6. Indian Golden 800 1300 40
7. Himachal White 150 1100 25
8. Lime Peacock 700 1050 70
9. Jack Black 800 1200 120
Sl. No. Granite Stone Variety Slabs (Qty in Square Meter) Tiles (Qty in Sqaure Meter) Blocks (Qty in CBM)
1. Rajasthan Black 7800 3200 460
2. Absolute Black 5400 3800 180
3. Black Galaxy 8800 3600 370
4. Tan brown 3200 2700 310
5. Kasmir White 1400 1800 130
6. Steel Grey 1800 1600 170
7. P White 9300 4600 120
8. Desert Brown 3300 2500 390
9. Tiger Skin 1900 1600 170

Sl. No.

Marble Stone Variety Slabs (Qty in Square Meter) Tiles (Qty in Square Meter) Blocks (Qty in CBM)
1. Morwad White 2300 1800 180
2. Forest Green 4100 2600 340
3. Zebra Black 1200 1300 160
4. Starline pink 1400 800 130
Sl. No. Sand Stone Variety Slabs (Qty in Square Meter) Tiles (Qty in Sqaure Meter) Blocks (Qty in CBM)
1. Kandla Grey 760 4380 265
2. Dholpur Beige 1300 900 150
3. White Mint 800 1900 70
4. Teak 1400 1800 240
5. Rainbow 1100 1600 210
Sl. No. Sand Stone Variety Slabs (Qty in Square Meter) Tiles (Qty in Sqaure Meter) Blocks (Qty in CBM)
1. Kota Blue 800 3200 90
2. Kota Brown 400 1200 20
3. Jaisalmer Gold 950 1300 70


A lively workplace, a creative environment and a motivated workforce are the characteristics at Stone Center. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members and friend in the family. All relations between the employees are based on fairness, openness and mutual respect, as with the customers.

High standards of professional ethics, personal decorum, adherence to deadlines, compliance to standards and customer service are indispensable attributes. Also, a great significance is attached to Accountability, Integrity, Commitment, Initiative and Positive Attitude.

We are searching Wordwide agent for Overseas Marketing. NRI's or Forgners are applicable for this startegy.

We  require Export dacumentation  & Quality marker executive, relevent expertness having candidates must apply.

Mail to H.R. Department his resume on



  • Silver Grey Quartzite Mines
  • Gold Green Quartzite Mine
  • DM Palace
  • Jain Temple Antwerp
  • Fire Place
  • Agra red Lamp Post
  • brown-pavers-stonescapes-design_
  • circles-pavers-jpg
  • cobble stones-
  • Slate Flooring tiles
  • Mint Mosaic
  • fountain-250x250
  • Fountain water
  • Garden Gaze
  • Fountain Water
  • Garden Ornaments
  • Garden URN
  • Mosaic steping Sink
  • Granite Kitchen Top
  • Granite Monuments
  • Kerb Stones
  • Mandana Red Kerb Stones
  • Land scaping
  • Marble Statue
  • Mint Sand Stone colomn
  • Mural
  • Pebbles River
  • Paving Blocks
  • Pink Sand Stone Gajebo
  • Pool Copings
  • Rainbow sandstone bench
  • Sand stone Fountain
  • Sandstone fountain
  • Sandstone garden bench
  • Seating Buddha statue
  • Sandstone strps
  • Stone archer
  • Semiprecious sink
  • Teak sandstone balls
  • Stone kitchen sink
  • Stone garden sofa set
  • Stone pillers
  • Treads Risers
  • Wall cladidng
  • Silver grey slate wall cladding
  • Gold green slate wall cladding
  • Deoli green slate flooring
  • Basalt flooring palace

Services & Overseas Offices

Our services are perfected to the last core of professionalism and customer satisfaction. Our products are well complemented and supplemented with services that include quality inspection, handcrafted excellence, international technologies and best logistic support.

- A dedicated project manager sees each and every project through from start to finish.
- A well staffed team of craftsmen, hand workers, technical personnel, engineers and project managers are our biggest assets, ensuring complete peace of mind.
- Highest level of quality inspection, polishing surfaces and packaging for each product is maintained so that each stone reaches you in its perfectly natural state.
- Stone Center's vast network with Shipping and transport companies on land, sea and across continents, provides you with the best logistic support at the best rates.
- Hand skills and master craftsmanship is a great advantage at Stone Center, as is its technological innovation. The latest machines go hand in hand with the finest carvings and chisels on natural stone
- With the 'Do-it-yourself' (DIY) concept, we provide our retail customers the democratic option of designing and decorating their homes and offices.


representative in Russia: Mr.Abdullo

105082, Russia, Moscow

Friedrich Engels Street house 56 Building 1. Company: 

TM Keramissimo (LLC "Delu vremya"). 

Phone +7 495 722 5049.

representative in Russia:
105082, Russia, Moscow
Friedrich Engels Street house 56 Building 1. Company: 
TM Keramissimo (LLC "Delu vremya"). 
Phone +7 495 722 5049.


When we create any product at Stone Center, we...

    Celebrate the skilled and creative use of natural stones;
    reserve and perpetuate the time-honored craft of stonework;
    Explore and expand the potential for varied applications of stones in contemporary structures

We know that a philosophy can provide only a beginning. Our products must be and are grounded firmly in the realities of the market. Our products are original and create real price value for our customers.

Why do we exist?

Perhaps, because going natural is the one and only way towards a sustainable and peaceful
living. At the core of our businesses, we believe that design and innovation can vitalize
and transform every aspect of spaces that we inhabit. This is the attitude we bring
to every product, brand and service that we are involved in.yes


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