Rimjhim 2400 M

Rimjhim AS-2400 M Output of 165 liters in 24 hrs @ 80% RH and 90 Fahrenheit, and 2500 watts per hour Compact design for convenient installation No space required inside premises Ideal for roof top installation with an all-weather body Requires minimal installation effort Versatile and can be moved on wheels Ideal as an emergency bulk water supply system Fully automated. All-weather design

  • Classification:None
  • Availability:None
  • Average block dimensions:None
  • Main application:None
  • Slab variation coefficient:None
  • Compression tensile strength:None
  • Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles:None
  • Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength:None
  • Heat expansion coefficient::None
  • Water imbibition coefficient:None
  • Impact strength:None
  • Frictional wear:None
  • Mass by unit of volume:None
Stone Name : Rimjhim 2400 M

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