Imperial White

Imperial White granite has white and pinkish background with light grey shade with different variations. These granite slabs are used for walls, floors, counter tops, exterior decoration and bathrooms. These slabs can be cut and polished for interior and exterior decoration of wall and building panels. They are dust proof and possess excellent mirror finish smoothness. These slabs are extensively applied for improving the appearance of different portions of a building.

  • Classification:Granite
  • Availability:None
  • Average block dimensions:Medium/Large
  • Main application:Inside/Outside
  • Slab variation coefficient:Limited
  • Compression tensile strength:2051 kg/cm2
  • Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles:1761 kg/cm2
  • Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength:116 kg/cm2
  • Heat expansion coefficient::0,0062 mm/m°C
  • Water imbibition coefficient:0,003500
  • Impact strength:-
  • Frictional wear:-
  • Mass by unit of volume:2603 kg/m3
Stone Name : Imperial White

Other Name : Imperial White

Origin : India

Available Tile Sizes : 300 X 300 mm 305 X 305 mm 400 X 400 mm 600 X 600 mm 610 X 610 mm

Availability : Gang saw Cutter Blocks

Slabs : Gang saw Cutter
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